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North American World Trade, Ltd. (NAWT) is a privately-held trading, consulting, and development company that is active in the promotion of infrastructure projects, primarily in the United States and Romania. 

We provide highly-valued information, research, and analysis that is vital to shaping future investments and joint ventures. Our business associates and partners have extensive experience and they are supported locally and abroad by high-quality network representatives. 

  • Expert advice and guidance—to initiate or expand your presence in international markets

  • Intercultural coaching

  • International networking

  • Valuable insights into prospective markets


NAWT provides valuable business insight and consulting expertise: 


  • Comprehensive analysis, strategy, and advisory services

  • Translation services 

  • Alternative investment services 

  • Recommendations on local Romanian human capital management 

  • Scheduling and meeting with key government officials and firms 

  • Expert advice to help you import and export

  • Due diligence services - detailed industry and competitive analysis

  • Review of regulatory environments, duties, and taxes

Our team is committed to providing expert advice to our clients, partners, and the community through strategy development, analysis of existing problems, development of future plans, formal frameworks or methodologies that identify problems or suggest more efficient ways of performing project tasks. 


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