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Coal Mine Project 

To learn more, or if you are interested in taking part in this exciting coal mine

opportunity, contact us at


Our current coal mine opportunity is a coal basin that stores high-quality coal

(pit coal), oil shales and refractory clay. These resources were discovered in 1770

and coal mining began in 1790. Oil shales were used much later. The coal basin

is located near several towns that run through a network of modern roads. 

Drinking water supply is assured from different sources with a main source of

water coming from a nearby lake.


The geological formations are frequently fractured by major and secondary faults,

separating the formations in tectonic blocks. The floor of the formations 

contain bituminous coal resources, oil shales and refractory clay, permian

sandstones are also found and in their overlying bed; marl and carstic limestones are also found.


We are currently looking for potential investor(s) to assist with financing this important project for Romania. We would like to begin work on updating the feasibility study that will help us determine the value of the investment and financial needs required. The project scope is to open, develop and exploit the natural resources of coal, bituminous shale and methane to spur the local and national economy.



Read the article - "Study: The United States has a less open economy than Romania"



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